Operations Management
OpsMgt is a cloud based, flexible suite of integrated applications that provide small and medium organizations the ability to consolidate their critical business applications within a single, secure cost effective environment. These applications are there to help teams operate, manage and grow their organizations.

Over the last decade, VWTC recognized a lack of integrated toolsets to enable organizations to collaborate with teams and customers. We also recognized the lack of transparency between consulting firms and their clients. This led us to develop a solution to solve both challenges. OpsMgt was created as a solution to:

  • Be intuitive and cost effective
  • Allow managers to manage their teams effectively
  • Allow leadership to operate and track key metrics about their organization
  • Integrate functionality into a single solution
  • Be hosted by the organization or in the cloud (3rd party on internet)
  • Make all information accessible through a web browser
  • Make information/knowledge available to geographically dispersed groups, people and teams

Interactive Visualization Tools

Many of the senior managers in the organizations we support lacked a way to quickly identify problems within their organization. Often times the data is available, but communicated in complicated and cumbersome spreadsheets that only the creator can interpret. As an alternative to expensive business intelligence products, we have created a number of visualization tools that can be tailored to meet your informational needs.

3D Charts
Org Structure